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Think of us as a bar that tends to your teeth and dental needs. We provide top-notch dental care, equipped with the latest dental equipment and technology available. Come get your dental needs taken care of by our gentle dentist and hygienist.


We aim to redefine dental consultation, to make each visit useful and informative.

Every smile tells a story and every story creates an impression. That’s why we have invested in the latest digital imaging technology – iTero Element 5D Intraoral Scanner.

In just a couple of minutes, our iTero scanner can capture an incredibly accurate digital impression of your teeth. Once complete, our dentist will walk you through your overall oral health condition immediately via the visualization tools built in our iTero scanner, empowering you in making a more informed decision with supported visuals.


We harness technology to make each visit comfortable as well as to provide the needed relief.

Proximal caries detection aid powered by iTero Element 5D’s NIRI Technology

The Near-infrared imaging (NIRI) technology that is only available to iTero Element 5D, enables us to scan the internal structure of your teeth in real-time while performing a digital impression scan, producing a NIRI image which displays interproximal carious lesion.

This technology aids in early detection of interproximal caries in just one scan, allowing our dentist to educate you about your oral health and suggest appropriate treatment if required without harmful radiation. For this reason, these procedures can be used as often as desired to monitor caries especially for pregnant women and kids!

With the ability to detect areas of concern at an earlier stage, we are able to provide preventive therapy as necessary, offering you a more comprehensive dental care here in our clinic.

Invisalign Outcome Simulator

Thinking of undergoing Invisalign treatment? With the Invisalign Outcome Simulator - one of the built-in visualization tools in our iTero scanner, you can now visualize your simulated new smile, even before you embark on your Invisalign journey! We can make real-time adjustments to your treatment goals that are customized to your very own needs. What else? We are also able to send you your simulation directly so you can share or seek opinions from your family and friends.

TimeLapse Technology

Here at our clinic, we take digital dental records for every patient who walks in. Changes in oral health can be hard to monitor over time, and even harder to illustrate without clear visuals to support. We are able to extrapolate your past record and compare it with your new scan at our fingertips thanks to the TimeLapse Technology in our scanner. That would mean that you are able to visualise any changes that are occurring in your mouth over time yourself during your dental check-ups and our dentist would be able to advise you better based on your situation and on how to make adjustments that will improve your long-term oral health - something that you might not even be aware of!

German Dentsply Sirona Dental Treatment Chair

We use state of the art equipment and technology for our dental treatment centre, not because it is fancy, but it provides and improves our quality of care to you. The German made Sirona Intego chair with premium upholstery provides optimal ergonomic support for your treatment. Coupled with German Durr Suction motor units, this high powered suction helps reduce aerosols during treatment and keeps you safe.

Orthophos SL Dental X-Ray CBCT Imaging (Clinical Confidence, Smart Connectivity and Exceptional Experience)

Dentsply Sirona is a pioneer in the field of dental imaging. The Orthophos SL, Sharp Layer technology, provides autofocused panoramic images, even in difficult cases. Our fully digital dental x ray system allows your conditions to be diagnosed acurrately. This modern technology has low radiation dose compared to conventional x rays. Root canals, surgeries and implants. This technology allows us to plan your treatment clearly and accurately.

Correct crooked smiles with invisible braces in Singapore.

It is never too late to have a beautiful smile. We can straighten your teeth with a series of clear aligners comfortably, quickly, reliably yet affordably. Your Invisalign clear aligners treatment involves a set of invisible and removable aligners that are changed every two weeks.

The gentle, gradual yet highly effective aligners are individually manufactured to custom fit your teeth. They are aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional braces. You will require less visits to the dentist. You can also enjoy all your favourite foods without worrying about breaking anything! You can also keep your oral hygiene in top condition as they are removable.

Come see your iTero simulated outcome before you decide. No obligations. No more gooey impressions.

*Ask us for our Invisalign payment plans available to ease your financial needs*


Equipped with the latest Dentsply Sirona Orthophos Sharp Layer X-Ray imaging system, we are able to achieve reliable sharp high definition 2D and 3D dental X-Rays images with a low radiation dose. Highly specialized and precise.

All wisdom teeth and implant surgery at The Toothbar Dental are planned with 3D imaging systems together with an iTero Element 5D scan. Clear and Precise Planning. No compromise on surgical safety and certainty.


Fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures, nightguards and mouthguards. We aim to restore what you need or have lost and protect you from further teeth damage. Teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, veneers and Invisalign. Get that perfect smile that leaves a lasting impression.

  • No gooey impression (even for crown, bridges, implants, dentures and nightguards). We are fully digitalised.
  • All indirect restorations are 3D fabricated with our iTero 5D Element Scanner.
  • Top quality composite restorations from Germany.
  • Top quality in office teeth whitening from Italy with minimal sensitivity.
  • Implants : Straumann BLX Implant system : Confidence beyond immediacy.
  • Straumann® BLX, the winning combination of innovative design and surface technology with high-performance material designed for predictable results you can trust.


Teeth cleaning, dental extractions, retainers. Experience teeth cleaning with gentle prophyflex with guided biofilm therapy. Scaling and Polishing to keep your pearlies white.

Your tooth is in pain and a root canal treatment can save your tooth and prevent an extraction.

Performed with a smart rotary endodontic system and safe obturation sealer and root canal filling materials, your root canal therapy will be stress free.

X-Smart Plus is the endodontic motor of choice, together with, ProTaper Gold, it has redefined the way we shape and experience root canal system’s radicular preparations. Advances in NiTi metallurgy technology have, indeed, revolutionized endodontic shaping files. Say no to lengthy and painful root canal treatments. Let us help you have a comfortable root canal experience if you require one.

What is a dental implant?

A natural tooth consists of a tooth root, which firmly sits in the jawbone, and a crown, which is the visible upper part of the tooth.

A dental implant replaces a natural tooth root. It is a small, but strong post made of biocompatible metals or ceramics that is inserted into the jawbone in place of a tooth root. The implant acts as a base for fixing single crowns, multiple tooth bridges, or can be used as an anchor for entire dental prostheses.

Why opt for a dental implant solution?
  • Preserve your jawbone and facial structure
    Our natural teeth help bone to remain strong and healthy. The forces we generate as we chew transmit through the tooth roots to the bone, which stimulates the maintenance of bone density. If a tooth is missing, the bone around it doesn’t receive this stimulation and may begin to slowly recede over time. With shrinking bone, the shape of your face may also change over time.
    Dental implants transmit chewing forces to the jawbone which helps to maintain a healthy jaw and therefore preserve your facial structure.
  • Help your smile and self-confidence
    A dental implant solution looks and feels like your natural teeth. You can feel more comfortable talking, smiling and eating.
  • Help function
    Dental implants are anchored as secure as a natural tooth in the bone. Together with the prosthetic crown, you can bite and chew naturally again and eat well.

Straumann® BLX Dental Implant, the winning combination of innovative design and surface technology with high-performance material designed for predictable results you can trust.
  • Dynamic Bone Management
    The intelligent implant concept allows for Straumann Dynamic Bone Management and is designed for immediate protocols in all bone types.
  • Beyond Immediacy
    Designed for immediacy, and also suitable for all other treatment protocols – ranging from immediate to conventional placement and loading.
  • Esthetic Ease Concept
    Simplified but versatile portfolio, featuring one connection and under-contoured prosthetics to deliver esthetics with ease.
  • Real Confidence
    Swiss precision and quality with Roxolid® material and SLActive® surface - technologies backed by long-term scientific evidence.

Straumann® Guided Implant Surgery

Experience the difference in your implant treatment

  • All implant treatment done at The Toothbar Dental are planned precisely with 3D Cone-beam computed tomography systems (CBCT) Scan and digital implant placement planning with coDiagnostiX™
  • The software together with CBCT Scan offers numerous measurement and planning functions, such as automatic nerve canal detection and various distance monitoring functions.
  • A digital drill guide will be designed and fabricated for your surgery
  • Comfortable, Precise and Predictable


At The Toothbar Dental, we approach your children with the highest level of gentleness and patience so that your child can feel safe and at ease throughout his/her visit. The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends your child's first dental visit by their first birthday.

Tell-Show-Do techniques, entertainment distractions and rewards system are available as we employ various techniques at The Toothbar Dental to reassure your children. We check your children teeth thoroughly examining any small area of decay or developmental problem so that they can be treated quickly and effectively. We offer full range of comprehensive dental care for children. Let's make it a point to help your children experience great confident dental visits and form good dental habits that last a lifetime. Check in with us at The Toothbar Dental Junior Club.

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